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'92 Announce Debut EP + Release New Single 'Above The Law'

Long Beach, CA Hardcore Powerhouse '92 announce self-titled debut EP, out February 23rd on Rude Records.

Of the upcoming debut EP, the band says,

"We can’t even express how excited we are for this EP to finally be shown to the world. We’ve been working on these songs for years - since pre-pandemic - and at the time, it felt like they would never see the light of day. However, after seeing the way the world has drastically changed since 2020, it’s no wonder why the songs needed to wait to come out. All the fuel was there, but the last few years provided the spark needed to set this ablaze. Welcome to ‘92.”

The track, like the EP, is a fierce battle cry, seething with political commentary-- a raw, relatable anthem for those simmering with the same frustrations.

The band says,

“The opening bass line for “Above The Law” was likely the very first manifestation of our songs. It was several years ago, and it happened randomly as Brandon (DeVincenzo, Guitar) was noodling on the bass. We thought it sounded cool; very funky, but at the same time there was potential for it to build into something more aggressive. We wanted it to sound like something you could either mosh to, or bump loud on some speakers while cruising down the street.
In my opinion this song is likely the outlier on the EP, as it has a lot more rock / hip hop elements and the instrumentals serve more as a backing track to the hard truths that Jabril (Ward, Vox) speaks of in his lyrics; which are the most important part of this song.”


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