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Honey Joy - 'II' Album Review


1. Diversion Tactics

2. Finally Home

3. Pain

4. Acute On Chronic

5. Part One - The Contagion

6. Part Two - The Healer

7. Raising Boys

8. Queen Ray

9. Saluting Magpies

There is a huge amount of energy in this record but interestingly you can feel the difference between the two halves, one inspired by a coping with a period of mental illness and the other coming out of that and starting to love yourself again.

When you stop and listen to the lyrics of the first half you feel the pain and anguish that Meg, the vocalist, must have been feeling at the time. The full on backing from the band makes these lyrics even more poignant as the music is vibrant with the kind of energy that many people suffering from mental illness struggle to summon. The juxtaposition of the clear distress and the driving guitar, bass and drums makes for a riveting listen.

The second half of this album is different from a lyrical perspective, the music remains as full on but you feel this is someone coming out the other side of wherever they’ve been, starting to look after themselves and care for themselves once more.

It’s uplifting in the same way the first songs on the album are challenging. My personal favourite song on this album is 'Queen Ray', it just feels like the kind of song I wouldn’t be able to resist getting in the mosh pit for and losing myself in the music and the song.

Quiet introspection this is not, it is however, challenging, thought provoking and just a great listen, go enjoy!

Review - Iain McClay

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