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Maggie Cassidy - 'Life Is Beautiful' EP Review


1. Tell Me Why

2. Just To Know

3. S.A.D

4. I'm Alive

5. You Don't Excite Me

Formed in 2018, and named after an early, largely autobiographical, Jack Kerouac novel, Maggie Cassidy are an exciting, effervescent British Rock act with a fresh, Pop-fuelled edge, blending filthy guitars with irresistible choruses to deliver a rare concoction of boyband Punk.

There is no waiting round - “Tell Me Why” begins with a blast of high energy, that’ll blow anyone’s socks off. Jamie’s voice holds amazing harmonies and blends perfectly with the high intensity of this first track. Ending with an incredible break down, this reminds me of a early Fort Hope.

The 5-track EP was recorded with Seb Barlow, who was made an official member of Neck Deep during the recording process. The rocked-up, dirty-Pop songs that comprise 'Life Is Beautiful' were laid down in an old air raid bunker in Wrexham with the band admitting they shed blood, sweat and tears to make it but say they "laughed a hell of a lot in the studio too."

Guitarist Jan-Erik Barnegren elaborates on the EP as a whole: "The world is a crazy, dark, demoralising place at times — just look at what’s happening now with the COVID-19 outbreak — but out of that comes incredible, inspiring things. So I guess it’s about finding the silver linings and seeing the world for what it is. No one’s life is perfect and life is a lot of things but it’s also beautiful, so try and embrace that and make the most of it."

Next up is “Just To Know” - starting with a distorted electronics, this track brings with the Pop side of Maggie Cassidy. It’s massive chorus with the lyrics of “how it feels, to be free” is something we are all craving right now. Recent single “S.A.D” is up next and it’s slower tempo gives you a chance to catch your beneath but it still makes your head bang. There is a lot going on in this song but no part of the engine gets left out. This song was also on loop in my head for about two day after listening to it for the first time! it’s too catchy!

Now time for “I’m Alive” - a track which shows another side to Maggie Cassidy, it has a punching chorus but the Wrexham band are able to bring the volume back down after each chorus to am almost stripped back version of the song without taking anything anyway. Final track “You Don’t Excite Me” fills that acoustic whole we have been waiting for - it’s pouring with emotional from start to finish. This really exposes how talent this band are.

Maggie Cassidy seem to just click. “Life Is Beautiful” sounds like band with 3 releases behind them not their first! This EP has the possibility of opening a lot of doors with massive songs like “Tell Me Why”. What this space.

Maggie Cassidy debut EP 'Life Is Beautiful' is out 31st July.

Review - Jake Williams

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