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WARGIRL - 'Dancing Gold' Album Review


1. Drive

2. Dancing Gold

3. Hang On

4. 2069

5. Pretend

6. Echoes

7. Don't Bring Me Down

8. Whatcha Say

9. I Told Ya

10. Cry

The first song, 'Drive', was good, a nice groove, some decent vocals and all in all a nice vibe to it, if I’m honest I wasn’t sure this was an album for me after that song. Then along comes 'Dancing Gold', it has the groove, the vocal, the attitude, the sass and something intangible which dove into my brain and wouldn’t go away again!

The third track 'Hang On' was just as good, just as infectious, just as cool. It was at this point I realised I’d been sent an album by a cracking band who are writing some really interesting music that is liable to make you dance, feel and think all at the same time.

By the fourth song, '2069', I was hooked. I knew nothing about WARGIRL before listening to this album, I’m glad I didn’t, it’s such a joy discovering something this good and unexpected. It reaffirms my love for music and almost transports me back to the days when I started listening to music seriously rather than it just being background noise.

This band have mastered the groove, but it feels like they are putting their own spin on it. The vocals are at times cool and sultry, at times impassioned and all the while the music underneath makes you want to move your body.

By the time we got to the fifth song I was sinking into WARGIRLS' world, just feeling and moving, I couldn’t have asked for a better way to spend a wet Thursday evening. From that point on the quality didn’t dip and at times got even better.

This band should be massive, they have the attitude, the effortless cool, the music and the vocals to go far, even better I don’t think they sound quite like anyone else there just now, always a hard trick to pull off. This is an album well worth checking out! Highlight for me was 'Watcha Say', it’s the point where it all hits the max but listen and disagree if you want, there are so many songs on here that could be your new favourite.

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Review - Iain McClay

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