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Lady Gaga - 'Chromatica' Album Review


1. Chromatica I

2. Alice

3. Stupid Love

4. Rain On Me

5. Free Woman

6. Fun Tonight

7. Chromatica II

8. Plastic Doll

9. Sour Candy

10. Enigma

11. Replay

12. Chromatica III

13. Sine From Above

14. 1000 Doves

15. Babylon

I know this album is already out and probably not normally the type of album you’d expect to see reviewed on this site but when the record company offered us a review link and asked if we wanted to review the new album it felt like a very good idea to say yes!

When Lady Gaga first appeared she sounded like a Pop star who was willing to push some boundaries, who wasn’t afraid to sound a little bit different from her contemporaries but whose songs had incredibly catchy hooks.

How does this new album compare? It’s almost as good as the 'Fame' or the 'Fame Monster', it is a quality Dance Pop album, the type of intelligent Pop that not many people can create. Lady Gaga has her own distinct style, she has wandered off from it to an extent with previous albums, like 'Joanne', but she is very much back on what many people would consider to be her home turf with this album.

What I would say is this album, at times, sounds as close to the Lady Gaga at her Pop queen best as I’ve heard in a while, possibly since 2008/9. If the aim of this album is chart domination and a large number of sales both should be easily achieved, there are a substantial number of catchy hooks and it would be very easy to imagine yourself on a dancefloor to this music but also cruising around with the windows or top down on your car in the summer sun..

I found myself wanting to dance but also listen to the lyrics, a combination that not many of Lady Gaga’s contemporaries are even close to achieving, Lady Gaga is still setting the benchmark, some of her, currently, less interesting contemporaries really should take note and up their game.

Rather than review this album track by track I would suggest that if you already are a fan you’re going to love it.

If you’re not a fan already, just dip in at random, try a song, if you don’t enjoy it fair enough, this kind of music isn’t for everyone, my own taste is quite eclectic.

However, if the only reason you won’t listen is that you refuse to listen to so called ‘commercial Pop’ then you really need to get over yourself, music is music, every artist deserves that you have the decency to listen to what they put out there with an open mind and not approach it having prejudged it! I think some people need to remember that some of the greatest music written was written as Pop music.

Lady Gaga has a tremendous voice, an attitude that deserves attention and a collection of songs gracing this album that will ensure you hear her on many radio stations over the course of this challenging and difficult time we all find ourselves in, personally I want to try to see the bright side of the traumas the world is going through (not an easy thing to do just now). Lady Gaga has produced an album that may just help some people with that, that can’t be a bad thing!

Listen and dance your ass off, or don’t, it’s your choice, personally I choose the former.

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Review - Iain McClay

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