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ZombieKing - 'Dead To Life' EP Review


1. Life

2. Dead At The Scene

3. Kings

4. Down Below

5. Texas Sky

Upon first glance at the EPs artwork one is forced to think ZombieKing are going to be another run of the mill Death Metal band. I’m glad to report that they are nothing of the sort. The band lead you gently into the EP with a 33 second “intro”, a sweet little guitar laden tune to draw the listener in, and then POW, it’s into the EP proper with acrobatic “Dead At The Scene”. As catchy as it is loud and proud, the hook like “You’re only dead when it takes you over. It’s never over” amuses me!

'Kings' follows much the same blueprint as its predecessor. I must admit I’m hearing a touch of Tanzwut in these tracks but that’s quite a compliment. ZombieKing are not above the guitar solo, more bands should have them, I for one lap them up! 'Down Below' is a completely different monster, it’s almost as if the band has been switched, sure you still get the speed drumming, the chug chug of the guitars, the growled vocals but its a welcome change of pace, it stops the listener getting bored. Nice one ZombieKing.

The closing track of 'Dead To Life' is 'Texas Sky', another shift in mood, it's broody, atmospheric, reminiscent of Soundgarden. A very nice end to seventeen minutes of pleasing music.

All things considered you could do a lot worse than buy yourself a copy of 'Dead To Life'. It’s a beauty.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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