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The City Kids - 'Things That Never Were' Album Review


1. Best Of You

2. Before You Fall

3. You Get Nothing

4. She Loves You

5. Left Behind

6 . Rats

7. No More Heroes

8. All I Want

9. Words Of A Fool

10. Round And (A) Round

Like Rock N Roll? Like balls to the walls Rock N Roll? Strap yourself in then coz The City Kids are here to rock your world. Picking up the baton from where The Main Grains dropped it, The City Kids are here and by god they will be heard!

All filler – no killer is a phrase often bandied about but it’s never been truer than 'Things That Never Were!' 'Best Of You' revs its engine and hits overdrive as it opens this album, Guitar solos aplenty, riff after riff. Channelling The Wildhearts, The Yo Yo’s you know you’re onto a winner.

'Before You Fall' is reminding me of Scott Sorry, gruff vocals and a guitar to die for, The City Kids are just not letting up for a second.

There is only one way to listen to this album, bloody loud! Maybe not a good idea if you are driving as you may incur a speeding ticket or two. In a world that’s gone to shit 'Things That Never Were' gives you a slap round the face, a quick Bro hug, tells you to cheer your miserable self up and give yourself to the pure pleasure The City Kids have created.

I think this is probably my fourth listen through and already the songs are starting to feel comfortably familiar to me, I’ve still got a big smile across my face, it’s already on the way to being a classic album, impressive from a first album.

'Rats' (ft The Suicide Notes) has just come on and sent the record into the stratosphere. I’m in love.

Stand out tracks so far for me are 'Best Of You', 'Rats', 'No More Heroes' and 'All I Want', although as previously alluded to, there isn’t a duff track on the album. A word to the wise too, buy the deluxe version if you can, the covers album is a thing of beauty in itself.

Do yourself a favour, buy 'Things That Never Were' by The City Kids, and tell them I sent you!

Review - Andrew Forcer

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