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Palaye Royale Release Video For New Single 'Little Bastards'

Palaye Royale, have released an animated video for their brand new single, 'Little Bastards', the opening track of their highly anticipated new album 'The Bastards' - releasing May 29th on Sumerian Records. The story board for the new animated video for 'Little Bastards' is based on the band's upcoming graphic novel that has been written and drawn by drummer Emerson Barrett and XO Billie. It reflects this time of isolation and shows the bands innate ability to deliver enormous creativity, even during times of isolation and great challenge. Speaking on the new song and video, guitarist Sebastian Danzig says "'Little Bastards' is the opening track from our third album, 'The Bastards'. Musically we show the direction of the album all in a single track. The vulnerability, the truth and the aggression all wrapped together in a three and a half minute track which will set the listener up for what is too come for the next 14 tracks and what corners we will touch. Lyrically it trails from our latest release “Lonely” but displaying the frustration and anger towards individuals that are meant to be friends. Visually we wanted to display our current state which is complete isolation from the world; trapped inside a house but yet the toxic society has found its way inside. We have to “band” together to keep our circle of trust and honesty tight. "

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