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DREAM NAILS Release New Single 'Kiss My Fist'

DREAM NAILS are tackling the issues that affect them and the LGBT+ community head-on through their self-titled debut album, now due out September 4th via Alcopop! Records.

New single ‘Kiss My Fist’ pulls no punches in its rage against homophobic violence.

Guitarist Anya Pearson says: “As a queer woman, I live in fear of violence every day because of my sexuality and the way I look. We were all shocked by that image of queer couple Melania Geymonat and Christine Hannigan, who were left bloodied and bruised by a group of teenagers for refusing to kiss on a London bus.

In the UK anti-LGBT hate crime has surged in the past five years. On the one-year anniversary of that attack, we are releasing 'Kiss My Fist' in honour of all the queer people of this world trying to get from A to B without getting beaten up. Our message to homophobes and transphobes is clear: ask us to kiss again, and we will eat your brain.”

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