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The Slow Readers Club Release New Single 'Jericho'

The Slow Readers Club have shared their new track, ‘Jericho’, the latest to be taken from their upcoming fourth album 'The Joy Of The Return', out on March 20th via Modern Sky UK. Opening to an infectiously upbeat blend of bright guitar lines and propulsive drums, the track undulates between danceable angular beats and lush, anthemic passages which provide an arena-sized taste of what to expect from the album. “Jericho’s our ‘sunniest’ track to date, and hopefully a good indicator of the variety people can expect from the album,” says singer Aaron Starkie. “Plus it's got a great hook in Kurt’s riff. Lyrically, I’d say it’s probably the track that most closely relates to the 'Joy Of The Return' of the album’s title, as it’s written from the perspective of my teenage self. “It’s a teenage romance song really, about that moment, on the threshold of a new relationship, where you begin to surrender yourself. As a band, it’s one of our favourites on the album, and came together quite easily from first jam through practice sessions. The chorus was the most challenging aspect as we really had to get the feel of that right.”

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