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Nathan Gray Releases Video For New Single 'Refrain'

Nathan Gray (the frontman of influential punk band, Boysetsfire) has just released another new song from his forthcoming solo album ‘Working Title’, which is set for release 31 Jan via End Hits Records.

Gray says of the track: “‘Refrain’ is such a deeply personal song to me, and it brings up intense emotions every time I hear it. Although I like to leave my pieces up for everyone to interpret in a way that is meaningful to them, I think many will find that this song resonates when reflecting on life’s great cycles - both joyful and sorrowful. No matter where the journey takes us, we all have that one steadfast center...whether it is art, love, family, friends or something else that speaks to our soul. That center is where we must reach for and hold on to in times of turbulence and chaos. In that center we find strength in the ups and downs. In that center we find ourselves free.”

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