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Rising Insane - 'Porcelain' Album Review


1. The Marks You Left

2. Porcelain

3. Helpless

4. Neurotic

5. Half Life

6. The Lost Kids

7. Silent Screaming

8. Ignite

9. Last Fragments

10. Awakening

11. Born To Live

12. The Summary

Metalcore is a dangerous game to play in my opinion. It can be truly immense if it's purveyors find that knife edge balance of rage and melody and in the case of German outfit Rising Insane.. it's bang on the money.

I want this genre to leave me feeling ready for battle and 'Porcelain' is the war horn we needed.

True greatness in a band comes from the ability to take something familiar and bolster it with originality. With equal attention given to blazing riffs and futuristic soundscapes it's an album worthy of the ages. Sure this is personal opinion and everyone's experience will be different but I genuinely believe this one will bring the thunder to any music fan. It's a beautiful piece of work that has clearly been meticulously constructed. It gives you speed when needed, fire and fury in all the right places and leaves you gasping for more.

I could fire through every detail and note the emotional journey step by step but I feel this trip will all come down to your own experience. I suggest giving it your full attention. Dark room, no distractions and honour it with the respect it deserves. Let 'Porcelain' take you away and you'll come back anew.


Review - Stuart Leel

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