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Calva Louise Release Video For New Single 'Belicoso'

Calva Louise are delighted to lift the lid on a brand new video for: ’Belicoso’.

Directed by friend and videographer Bart Jones, the ‘Belicoso’ video matches the pin-balling fury of their irrepressible latest single with visuals equally as melon-twisting.

Inspired by the literal Spanish definition of ‘Belicoso’ (or “lairy” in English), Jess Allanic explains the train of thought that led to the new video’s creation:

“The idea of the video came from the experiences that some people might undergo in their daily lives. We were thinking that diminishing the rudeness of living a mundane life could create a somewhat comedic experience… Then it occurred to us to interpret a scientific adventure, where the characters reach ridiculous extremes looking for a result: the anger that makes us "lairy" (produced by an inverse situation to what is usual, where the children victimise the adults instead) creates energy, that when generated, produces a kind of power through laughter. It is as if the children give the adults a spoonful of their own medicine!”

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