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Breather - 'The Blue' EP Review


1. The Blue

2. Hollow

3. Diamond Bones

4. Your Body Separates

5. Cut the Rope

6. Golden Sould

For a band who have only just started out on their musical journey Breather sound like they have been doing this for much longer, their sound is to the slightly edgier, almost Indie, side of Rock music. Their confidence and self assurance is very impressive.

This is a band who have a clear sound and are comfortable with what they are trying to achieve. I think, with time, they will develop more confidence in their sound and start to experiment and play with it but for now they are a Rock band with a very clear agenda, to make you sit up and take notice, you should, this is a proper band who deserve a wider audience.

I think they do need to learn to develop the ability to shift it up and down and play with light and shade more while developing more subtlety to reach a higher level but they sound like they have that capability. I will watch with interest to see if they do.

I think they could be well worth seeing live, there is a feeling throughout this EP that there could be a great live performance waiting to happen.

They can only get better if this is their initial effort!

Review - Iain McClay

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