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Royal Mob Release Video For New Single 'Prism'

Copenhagen-based Royal Mob deliver captivating riffs, heavy drums and a strong vocal in an unparalleled fusion of Modern Rock and Soul-inspired melodies. After releasing a debut full-length album back in 2017, touring Europe and a lineup change, the quartet is now ready with two brand new singles. Listen to the first single ‘Prism’ and watch the accompanying video above. Singer and songwriter Alfonso explains: “‘Prism’ is about loss. It’s about a toxic relationship and feeling like you can’t trust someone who used to have a big place in your heart, and you know that even with forgiveness it’ll never be the same again. It’s about how people can break you into pieces and how when you’ve lost all you have and the wounds are closed, they appear in your life again as if nothing ever happened. But above all, ‘Prism’ is about strength. The strength to overcome anything and never let anyone hold you down.”

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