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Newmoon - 'Nothing Lasts Forever' - Album Review


1. Let It End 2. Raptured 3. In Harmony 4. Collide Into Me 5. Blue Hole 6. Give Me The Pain 7. Vague 8. In And Out And Over 9. Only You

The Shoegazing revival starts here! Although Newmoon are more than just a Shoegazing revival band, there is a dream like quality to their music. The music is clearly Indie rock but with a slight Psychedelic twist. At times it reminded me of early to mid 80’s Indie music but also with a feel, in some songs of Teenage Fanclub but without the multi vocal harmonies.

The singing is more part of the overall soundscape than your traditional Rock lead vocalist, the feel overall is almost trancelike, at times the vocals almost merge into the music, the lead singers voice almost becoming another instrument.

There are some nice changes of pace such as 'Collide Into Me' that shows the band are not one trick ponies, they have the ability to change it up, vary the initial Shoegazing vibe and sound, on songs such as 'Blue Hole', almost wistful and melancholy. 'In And Out And Over' has the potential to be a brilliant, close of show, song and 'Only You' has potential Indie anthem written all over it.

This is a band with a clear vision of who they are and what they want to sound like, they have to be admired for that, I suspect they won’t be everyone’s new favourite band but they have enough going for them that they should find themselves a very healthy following, if you are the type of person who prefers Indie discos I think you will love them!

Review - Iain McClay

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