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InAir - 'Dreamful' EP Review


1. Control

2. Chemicals

3. Talk To You

4. Regress

5. Life Finds A Way

Relatively professional. That’s it, my review summed up in two words. It’s rather similar to Ford Prefect’s “Mostly Harmless” review of the planet Earth. Sorry guys, I know there is nothing worse than to be damned by faint praise – well, other than your mum’s “I thought you were fantastic” after another empty gig at the local pub - but this competent, but ultimately repetitive, record has brought out the worst in me.

Apparently, the boss says I have to write more than 2 words, so here goes……

InAir - whose logo took my feeble brain far too long to decipher - are a three piece that hail from the south of England. ‘Dreamful’, so their blurb tells me, is their sophomore EP (hey guys, you ain’t American college kids, who could be forgiven for using this term. Stop using industry speak!). Talking of which, they refer to themselves as ‘tunesmiths’. Unforgivable, truly. Still, apparently, I can look forward to some ‘stout riffage’ and ‘anthemic refrains’ over the 5 tracks for perusal. I remember the days when EPs meant 4 tracks - it’s a nicer number somehow, less chance of repetitiveness…

The first track is called ‘Control’. We have soft lead synth sounds, quantised drums, down-tuned guitars, quiet verses, occasional stabs, loud chorus, slow tempo, emotional vocals that get overwrought in the chorus and that’s about it. Very professionally done, but I found it soulless Emo Rock by numbers.

The second track, ‘Chemicals’ is an improvement. It’s more of the same regarding style, but the chorus is slightly better. It’s the kind of track a country might put forward as its edgy Eurovision Song Contest entry. This one even has a video. Nice.

Listening to ‘Talk to You’, I’m struck by the adage ‘doubling the vocals doesn’t a chorus make’.

By the time I reached ‘Regress’, I started to feel like I was listening to a Linkin Park covers band, only one that plays obscure b-sides and outtakes. The drums go double tempo for a brief moment in this one. Something nearly happened.

‘Life Finds A Way’, the fifth track is the best one on here (thank the Gods for 5 track EPs - I’m a convert). There’s a bit more space and finally, we have the anthem chorus we were promised.

There is no doubt that InAir are a talented bunch. I can’t fault their musicianship and the production of the EP is well handled. It’s just that they are playing last decade’s music. I’m sorry guys, your time has gone. I am sure they have fans and there are definitely people out there that will enjoy listening to these tracks but they are going to find it hard to gain a bigger audience. Finally, if you have a moment, head over to their youtube channel. Watch their acoustic version of one of their songs. Good, isn’t it…

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Review - David Hancox

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