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Void Of Vision Release Video For New Single 'If Only'

As anticipation for the release of 'Hyperdaze' reaches breakneck levels, Melbourne's Void Of Vision are offering one last preview of the album in the form of new single and video 'If Only'.

Picking up from where the video for previous single 'Hole In Me' cuts off, the 'If Only' video follows the protagonist as he struggles to retaliate against the powers that control him. Much like the tone of 'Hyperdaze' as a whole – described by lead vocalist Jack Bergin as seeping with “pure hatred, self-loathing and nihilism" – this is not a video with a positive outcome, and ultimately ends with the acceptance of failure.

On the creation of the track and accompanying video concept, Bergin explains that it pieced together effortlessly. "James (McKendrick, guitar/vocals) put forward the rough draft to us with one line/melody of 'just let me drown' and I loved it. I based the rest of the song’s lyrics off that phrase and we went from there," he explains. “I wanted to reflect in the video the feeling of hopelessness that flooded my brain when putting the initial thoughts of this song down, where I had come to terms with the fact I was losing myself through those around me who were already lost.”

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