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The Survival Code - 'Crosses To Carry, Coffins To Fill' EP Review


1. The Innocent

2. Someting Beautiful

3. So Serious

4. Cycles

5. Magnetic

First thing to say this is really good, scrub that, it’s more than really good it’s excellent.

Form the opening riff you sense this is a band who know what they want and are not let anything get in the way!

At times they reminded my of Biffy, other times the Foos, there are even hints of Royal Blood in there but this is very much there own band making their own music, Make no mistake this is a Rock band, but what a Rock band.

Personally I think the best song is a toss up between 'Cycles' and 'Magnetic' but you may disagree, it’s a good debate to have when the music is this good.

The Survival Code are not a band I knew before reviewing this EP, I now fully intend to investigate what else they’ve released.

My only regret is they are about to tour and I am nowhere near any of the gigs, my loss!

Review - Iain McClay

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