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Havelocke - 'This Is Havelocke' EP Review


1. Shudder

2. Faceless

3. Cellar

4. Gone

This is an EP that sounds like it could almost be any number of any bands but doesn’t sound just like any band, it feels familiar and yet unique.

There is a clear intent to produce something full on, challenging and exciting, that intention has been met yet there is also a quality at work here which suggests there is more to come. There are some rough edges to this EP and a feeling that more focus and refinement will make this band even better but, as a debut, it's very impressive.

Personally I think the lead single, 'Faceless', isn’t the strongest song on the EP but that’s a personal opinion, I’m sure many would disagree with.

There are touches of Emo, Punk and an Indie Rock vibe at times. None of these genres overpowers the others, Havelocke have walked the fine line of balancing their competing influences and merged them all into something new and very interesting.

Review - Iain McClay

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