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Lucinda Belle - 'Think Big: Like Me' Album Review


1. Baby Don't Cry

2. Where Have All The Good Men Gone

3. I Believe

4. New Boy

5. Do Me Right

6. Do Your Time

7. My Only Lament

8. I'll Be Loving You

9. Time Wont Wait For You

10. Nothing Left To Do But Smile

11. The Other Side Of You

12. Washed Up On Love

13. Don't Go Chasing Your Heart

This album sounds like it could have been made any time from listening to the music but the topics of the lyrics root it very much in there here and now. It does, however, have a timeless quality to it. I suspect, as well, that Lucinda has been listening to Amy Winehouse at her peak and picked up a few ideas she’s put to good use.

The singing is excellent, the song writing is top notch. This sounds like an artist at the top of their game.

The vibe is Jazz but with a 60’s feel at times and some other quirky aspects to it which means this is not an album for Jazz aficionados alone, it feels like this is timeless, classic songwriting and singing.

At one point I even felt like Doris Day might have been channeled and updated for modern life which is no mean feat!

I didn’t have any information to work from so I’m not sure who Lucinda’s collaborators are, the melodic rap in 'Do Me Right', for instance is an unexpected turn, yet somehow it worked.

If I have one concern, it’s whether the album has too much packed into it, it feels like one or two of the songs dropped in quality slightly, not by much, and even those songs are still better than 80% of what I review but I feel a touch of brevity might have benefited the album as a whole.

I have no idea if Lucinda has any plans to tour the UK soon but if she does I would love to hear her live, I suspect that’s where she will be unstoppable!

Review - Iain McClay

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