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Paul Morricone - 'The Dissolving Man' Album Review


1. The Art In This

2. Estranged

3. These Tears

4. Happiness

5. To Hell With Nature

6. December

7. A Man Possessed

8. Like I Was Never There

9. Blood Moon

10. Untitled Artist, Untitled Song

As with his work in The Scaramanga Six, 'The Dissolving Mans' sound is epic, cinematic, orchestral and very listenable. Paul seems to have mastered the disappearing art of songwriting. 'The Art In This', the opening track has already wormed it’s way into my brain and heart and I’m only on my first listen. Although it’s catchy I feels like it will reveal more on further listens making sure the listener will not tire of it.

'Estranged' has a dark feel to it, a brooding atmosphere. What I love about this album so far is each song could be easily used in movie soundtracks, James Bond and the likes. The string accompaniment is sublime, the sax solo stunning. I think I’m in love!

'These Tears', dripping with awesomeness, smoother than a babys proverbial. I love the storytelling vibe of the album so far, this song is reminding me of The Divine Comedy, and such a fragile ending too, proof it’s not all pomp and circumstance!

'Happiness' has a change in pace, less orchestral, same vibe, simpler arrangement, and is that a sitar I hear in the background? 'To Hell With Nature' feels even more stripped back, sometimes less is definitely more. Pauls voice though, just beautiful.

Bloody hell I’m six tracks in and I’m running out of ways to tell you how wonderful this album is (sixth track is 'December' and it’s a doozy!)

I would love to go through each track with you one by one but sadly I don’t have the vocabulary to do 'The Dissolving Man' justice. Suffice to say I reckon this album is on par with “Am I Dead Yet?” which got record of my lifetime!

If you like The Scaramanga Six, The Divine Comedy, Scott Walker, Sensational Alex Harvey Band or indeed good music, then 'The Dissolving Man' by Paul Morricone is for you! It’s gotta be five stars from me.

Review - Andrew Forcer

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