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K.Flay Releases New Single 'Not In California'

Grammy-nominated artist K.Flay has released 'Not In California', the fourth and final instant grat track to be taken off her forthcoming album 'Solutions', due out on July 12th. Produced by Tommy English, K.Flay brings her trademark grit and spitfire lyricism to ‘Not In California', a thundering foot stomper of a tune with a adrenaline-boosting chorus guaranteed to make you move.

Speaking about the song, K.Flay reveals, "We’re not in Kansas anymore. I think we all know that sensation. Of being in a place that resembles the world you know, but feels different somehow and the difference is unsettling and disorienting and scary. Kinda makes you wanna click your shoes together and go back home to how it used to be. "Last September, I went to Stinson Beach, California to write and record songs for the album. The plan was to get out of LA for a week, work with two of my favourite people, and enjoy a bit of nature. Stinson is a small town about an hour north of San Francisco, sandwiched between the Pacific Ocean and the Redwood Forest. In the mornings, we’d run along the water or go hiking through the trees. It felt like magic up there. Sometimes you get glimpses of Planet Earth and it astounds you. So big and wild and beautiful. "It’s easy to forget that we’re connected to this Planet. We push and pull, evolving together, giving each other life. These days I’ve been feeling a bit like Dorothy. I see the plastic islands and the melting glaciers and the 24 hour news cycle where people shout because loud seems to win and I think to myself. ‘We’re Not in California anymore’".

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