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Fury - 'Failed Entertainment' Album Review


1. Angels Over Berlin

2. Goodtime

3. Vacation

4. America

5. Inevitable Need To Reach Out

6. Birds Of Paradise

7. Mono No Aware

8. Lost In The Funhouse

9. New Years Days

10. New Years Eve

11. Crazy Horses Run Free

As soon as I played the first track on this album "Angels Over Berlin" I was taken back somewhat, this song felt like something you might have heard more so in the Noughties and I think it's all the better for it. With all the different directions bands are going these days sometimes a bit of nostalgia is just what we need. This song starts off with something of a slower tempo than I find myself preferring but it's clear this is to allow the raw power to really shine through and it doesn't disappoint.

The tempo is quickly picked up with “Goodtime” with more of the raw power and striking vocals. This is skilfully kept up right through to “Birds Of Paradise” where a slower drum beat brings the track in allowing for a more marching style intro, before an awesome fast paced guitar riff brings the full band in. This track reminded quite a bit of the Cancer Bats, a band I am particularly fond of and so is probably my favourite song on the album!

And of course most albums can’t be complete without a clip of some kind, I’m fairly sure I’ve reviewed a good few albums or E.Ps that sport some kind of sound byte and 'Failed Entertainment' is no exception. Admittedly I couldn’t find any trace of what the clip was from, so can't comment on the reasoning for its use however it does work nicely as a precursor to the final track on the album. “Crazy Horses Run Free” comes in last and with more of the same Hardcore goodness we’ve had from thus far, and as such a fitting send off for the album.

I’ve enjoyed listening to 'Failed Entertainment', I am a fan of the Hardcore Genre and I was picking up some influences here and there throughout this album. As I previously mentioned one of these being the Cancer Bats, at times I felt like I could also hear influences from the Gallows and maybe a bit of Red Fang too.

The criticism I have (constructively of course) is one that seems to be quite common for me and one that I notice more on full length albums as opposed to 4 or 5 track E.P.s After a few tracks this album begins to feel a bit more of the same, and I find myself wondering if this is just a common issue with full length albums.

The individual tracks stand tall on their own merits and I can happily say I will be listening to this album again and again mixed in with other Hardcore greats, the likes of which Fury have proven they're worthy of standing alongside.

Review - Ric Snell

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