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A Road To Damascus – 'No Man Is An Island' EP Review


1. No Man Is An Island

2. The Last Straw

3. Pieces

4. Sundays

All the way through the first song, 'No Man Is An Island', from the first time I listened to it, I kept feeling like I’d heard it before! It’s similar, but not quite the same, as any number of songs, it feels like its always been here but at the same time it sounds new and fresh, not a bad knack to have.

The second song, 'The Last Straw', in the old days, would have seen lighters alight waving in the air, these days it would be phones in the air. It has that feel of a potential Modern Pop/Rock classic.

It does feel like the band have focussed on the melody and decided to write something that can appeal to a wider audience, I think they’ve succeeded.

They do still retain rockier elements on the third song, 'Pieces', it’s a quality Rockier Pop song which could have audiences singing along quite happily.

'Sundays' is the highlight of the EP for me. Its Melodic Rock of the highest quality. I cold imagine any number of currently bigger name acts looking to record this for themselves, the band should resist, with a slice of luck this could see them have a big hit.

All in all, this is a great EP which should give the band a chance of having some seriously big hits on their hands. I enjoyed it and think, if you don’t mind the poppier side of Rock, you might want to give it a listen!

Review - Iain McClay

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