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Younghusband – 'Swimmers' Album Review


1. Translation 2. What's Wrong 3. Modern Lie 4. Different About You 5. Sister 6. Grinding Teeth 7. Broken In Half Again 8. Paradise In The Rain 9. Sucker 10. It's Not Easy

There is a mellow relaxed vibe to the start of this record, it has the sound of a band happy with their music and knowing what they want to put out there.

There are hints of any number of other bands in this record, it doesn’t matter though, this is a band really hitting their stride and knowing who they are.

The writing is excellent, it feels like an emotionally raw album at times, at others it’s so laid back it could become horizontal at any moment. It’s never less than consistently good.

This is not a rocky or raucous album, it’s more the kind of album you put on, sit back, listen and sink into. I did just that. It’s a compliment, in my view, to say it could have been made in any one of the last few decades and held its own.

Younghusband are a band who know who they are, who they want to be and are happy in their music. It’s a guitar driven, chilled out record with an emotional yet mostly mellow vibe to it.

Review - Iain McClay

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