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The Ruptured Ducklings - 'Broken Foundations' EP Review


1. The Hoax

2. Help Me!

3. Envy

4. Dark Thoughts

5. Closure

The Ruptured Ducklings are a Rock/Pop Punk band from Aberdeen, Scotland. Consisting of Johnny (Vocals/Bass), Caz (Guitar), Dawid (Guitar), and Maras (Drums). These four are about to release a new EP entilted "Broken Foundations". They've been described as energetic, with punchy choruses and melodic verses. Which you'll notice as soon as you hit play.

Starting off this rad set of songs is "The Hoax". This song is fast, awesome, and intense! The solo riff that kicks it off is fun and compliments the roaring guitar and pounding drums. To top it off the vocal melody in the chorus is catchy and fun. That's the biggest vibe I've taken from this song is how fun it is. Especially with the "I hate everything about you" at the end. Super fun to sing along with.

"Help Me!" is the second song on the EP. This track is very reminiscent of Green Day's early work "Dookie" etc. I love the classic old school sound. If I didn't know any better I would've guessed they were time travelers from 94' coming to save music. Bringing us to number 3 is "Envy". This song changes pace and slows the EP down just a tad. Which isn't bad, everyone loves a nice change up. Plus that guitar riff is beautiful, I can't help but to hit repeat once or twice.

"Dark Thoughts" is next. The chugging guitars with the vocals is a great compliment to each other. Also another amazing solo. I love a good Punk track with a tasty solo to accompany, they go together like milk and cookies. Plus the cool effect at the end was a nice touch. Ending this awesome EP is the perfectly titled "Closure", and this is a nice ending track. The lyrics are very relatable, when Johnny sings "This will give me some closure now, I sing this when I'm feeling down", just clicked with me. Probably my favorite track on the EP.

"Broken Foundations" is an awesome EP. It's a great collection of songs and makes me excited for whats to come from The Ruptured Ducklings. I recommend everyone who has a some free time to stop

and give "Broken Foundations" a listen!

Review - Andre Judge

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