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Low Hum - 'Room To Breathe' Album Review


1. Fake Reality

2. Strange Love

3. I Don't Know Me Like You Do

4. Room To Breathe

5. Nebraska

6. Crimson Cardinal

7. Sun Chaser

8. Sink Your Teeth

9. Comatose

There is great musical ambition to this record, the first song sets the bar high, with an almost Funk vibe to it before it wanders off in several different directions at once. One word you could not use to describe Low Hum is mundane, the vocals are unexpected after the start of the song as I was expecting a funky voice but the greatest praise I can give them is they sound like they were always the vocals that should have been. I suspect the ambition is high here, if it is, its been achieved.

From that point I just let this album wash over me, as a body of work it’s highly impressive, at times it felt like the Psychedelic Furs had been reborn with a totally different vocalist, at others like nothing you’ve heard before. There is a relaxed, almost soulful, vibe to some of the songs, others sound like proper Pop records and yet others sound almost like Electronica. I can’t praise this highly enough, if this isn’t a huge success then it proves that people don't like good music!

As the album progresses it becomes obvious that Low Hum have a lot of ambition and are keen to push their boundaries, this isn’t a band I know anything about, but I will be finding out more about them.

Standout songs? They are all good, but my favourites are 'Room To Breath', 'Nebraska' and 'Sink Your Teeth' in. I’m sure once you listen to this album you’ll say I’m wrong as there a number of potential favourites. Who do low Hum want to be? I’m intrigued to find out!

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Review - Iain McClay

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