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Sainthood Reps Release New Single '10000 Ways'

Following their recent comeback, Long Island Alternative Rock band Sainthood Reps have debuted yet another new single today. The new song, “10000 Ways” is now available for streaming and purchase on all services.

"I tried 10,000 ways to write vocals to this, but just couldn't find the right words or melodies. Derrick was able to step in and provide his lead vocal debut for the Reps, and he absolutely nailed it. In the end, I'm really glad it worked out like that because his vocal style is a perfect match for this tune." – Francesco Montesanto.

“If you have a hard time connecting with the outside world and don’t know exactly where you fit in, this song is for you. If you are reluctant to share parts of yourself, because you are afraid to be truly seen. If you are the quiet type. If you’ve ever had a bad trip. I love you.” – Derrick Sherman.

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