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Woes - 'Awful Truth' Album Review


1. Boy

2. Fake Friends

3. Fancy

4. Money Shoe

5. Awful Truth

6. Suburbs

7. Mess

8. Cross

9. Gone Forever

10. Ugly

Woes are a Scottish Pop Punk band, who write some down right amazing songs. These gents have a variety of songs that slap, bop, and jam! "Awful Truth" is something to be excited for because the whole album was perfectly crafted, this is also the first album with new guitarist Luke Bovill you can tell they worked hard on this masterpiece.

Starting off this full length is the track "Boy" it's short and sweet, and gives you an idea as what's to come. Carrying on the tradition of a quick intro track. That leads us to the anthemic 2nd track "Fake Friends" this song is a straight bop. Listening to it in the car I was ready to Rock out on the road. Couldn't contain myself and had to sing along. Perfect Pop Punk song that could be a classic in my opinion. Up next is "Fancy" really love how it starts off with vocalist DJ before the whole band comes in and tears it up!! Has Pop vibes to it, almost reminds me if the 1975 went full blown Pop Punk and thats rad.

The "Money Shoe" is an interesting track in a good way. The auto tune really compliments the song nicely. Takes me back to middle school when bands like Cobra Starship and Breathe Carolina were big. I'd really love to hear this on the radio. It's defo a Pop hit. Next is the title track "Awful Truth". When I think about Pop Punk this is what I think about. Great jam, would love to hear it live. I bet the energy would be awesome.

"Surburbs" was actually released as a single for the album. It was also produced by Seb Barlow, which is always a great touch to any song. This is probably my favorite track on the album. Solid gold work from the band and producer. The next track "Mess" is nice change of pace. Very chill and I get some killer vibes from it. Honestly it is super relaxing and I love the guitars in it, everything compliments each other nicely.

"Cross" has a R&B with a hint of Emo Rap influence to it. Really unique and I love it. Really onto something, and I hope more songs like these appear in the future. "Gone Forever" in another anthemic jam. Different from "Fake Friends" in the fact it's less Punk and more Pop with Rock which is awesome.

The final track is "Ugly" and wish there was more. I wish it wouldn't end but at least it ended beautifully. This song is the idea of art!

Woes album "Awful Truth" is perfectly crafted and you can hear the time and effort that was put into this phenomenal set of songs. Everyone should take a listen.

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Review - Andre Judge

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