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Designed After Nothing Release Video For New Single 'John Dies In The End'

Vicious metal sextet Designed After Nothing presents the very sinister and dire “John Dies In The End” – a dismal product, which contains multiple shifts in musical style and a clear concept executed with a singular vision in mind.

Embracing their strengths and using their instrumental prowess, the members of Designed After Nothing crafted “John Dies In The End” as a product that exhibits influences from various different genres, which manages to paint a hellish landscape that can only be associated with the overall atmosphere provided by the group’s debut EP (“In Pieces”) as well.

Explaining the intentions for creating a product of this sort, Designed After Nothing collectively adds: "This song, its respective video, and “In Pieces” as a whole, is something that is not meant to be taken at face value. It can be open to many different interpretations; whether it be internal struggles with yourself, to external problems one is facing. While many of the songs, including this one, can be interpreted as a struggle one has with a current (or past) relationship with someone; the deeper meaning that can be interpreted behind many of these songs is one’s struggle with mental illness, self-esteem, and overall well-being."

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