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QUIET LIONS – 'Absenteeism' Album Review


1. Intro

2. Echo Chamber

3. Broken Bed Of Stone

4. Wasteland

5. Lighthouse

6. Youth In Question

7. Interlude

8. Arc Of The Horizon

9. Chancer

10. Epitaph

11. Field Of Influence

12. Powerless At Sea

The intro gives you no idea of what to expect, the first proper song bears no relation to it!

It feels like there is a huge amount of ambition here, this band are trying not to be part of the crowd, keep this up and the crowd will be following them!

This is at times an almost bombastic tone to 'Echo Chamber' but the changes of pace and the willingness to take the song in new directions means it really, really works.

There is a hint of some of the great 80’s music such as the Associates but also an indication they would like to be the new Radiohead, but only on their own terms while hinting that Muse might be an influence while having hints of many quality Rock bands.

If I’m honest I couldn’t decide if I always liked the music, but I always loved the ambition.

This is a band full of excellent musicians with a lead singer who has the ability to sound like he wants to when he needs to. They clearly want to make you think as you listen but also want to get your head engaged as much as your body. Just when you think you’ve got your head round a song they take it somewhere unexpected and it never feels forced, just a natural progression.

It’s not often I listen to something for the first time and sit there with a smile on my face, but I did with this album.

It feels like there is am amazing stadium sized gig to come from this band, I really hope I’m there when it happens.

Quiet Lions, I know nothing about them, I don’t know where they are from or who their influences actually are as I’m just guessing but the one thing I do know, this is a band with huge potential who have very much got my attention! I can’t praise this album enough, try it, you may not like it, but I guarantee you won’t be bored by it!

Review - Iain McClay

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