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Desensitised – 'Sister Psychosis' Album Review


1. Emily

2. You'll See

3. All Eyes On Her

4. Messed Around

5. Wasted

6. I See Red

7. Burn The Witch

8. He Loves Me Not

I love this album, it’s a brilliant collection of songs that made me want to dance, jump about and remember why I got into music in the first place.

It’s on the poppier side of Rock and Punk but that’s not a bad thing, there are some elements of the Go Go’s but also the Throwing Muses and even some hints of Hole and the suggestion they have the ability to do something similar to Heart if they want to.

The lead singer has a perfect voice for this type of music, it just works, there is an expression and almost anger in her delivery that makes this album compelling. I would say put this on while you’re driving but you might find it too distracting.

I can imagine this band driving an audience wild. They have huge amounts of energy and drive in their music, quiet introspection this is not! If you’ve come in from a long day at work and need some calm relaxing music this is not for you if you want to Rock welcome to Desensitised!

The big question for this band is where they want to take their music, there are options open to them. Right now, it feels like they are still trying to decide. I think they could be a great Rock band in the mode of Heart or head towards the more Hole side of Rock. I think the lead singer has the kind of Rock voice that to me suggests heading towards the Heart approach and away from the shoutier elements of their songs but it’s really up to them. They have talent and the ability to take this band somewhere special if they decide to.

The final song, has Rock ballad written all over it. There is an almost Bon Jovi like feel to it, lighters at the ready, they will be needed!

Review - Iain McClay

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