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Toreador - 'Hot Glue' EP Review


1. Get A Grip

2. Right Here Waiting

3. Grenade

4. Hot Glue

5. Ashes

6. Be Your Fool

Southampton trio, Toreador release their EP 'Hot Glue'. Having already shared the stage with The Amazons and Tigercub, their EP was an exciting prospect. 'Get A Grip' bellows in your face with an urgent almost primal vibe. Dark riffs and a sullen vocal snare you and the riff at the end is something of pure pleasurable head banging rage. 'Right Here Waiting' gives off a Muse vibe with distortion and hooks that are the fundamentals of the track chugging you through an atmospheric experience leading into 'Grenade'. The song is inundated with a heavy feel, utilizing a dark riff that snares you. With an almost older style Rock flavour, 'Grenade' is one the best written tracks on the EP. Hard, heavy and to the point the song is an easy listen that makes you want to pull the pin and join the cause. 'Too Deep' is a wall of fuzzy guitar and grimey angst. Never letting up, the song bounces off you as the vocals are soft and endearing but run off that heavy riff guide. 'Ashes' still offers distorted guitar lines, but has a different feel to the other tracks. With a skipping Pop like vocal 'Ashes' has a querky old school aura that safely guides you along a familiar path, but teases with a melodic oddity. The stand out track of the EP, 'Be Your Fool' follows a similar format to the other songs but somehow feels more complete. The melodic vocal hooks are on point and that chorus is graceful and tender before that riff rips you inside and out making this track a belter. An EP that shows the bands ethos and energy, 'Hot Glue' is available now.

Review - Olly Dean

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