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Black Coast - 'Ill Minds: Vol 2' EP Review


1. Act II

2. Solace

3. Diablo

4. Weird

5. Lost My Limits

So right off the bat 'Act II' bursts in with a heavy gallop. Which as a result of me not checking the volume on my headphones, means I’m definitely going to have to change my underwear shortly. The momentum instigated in this intro continues on. Only breaking for a catchy chorus and then an awesome breakdown. Which sounded somewhat reminiscent of Parkway Drive.

The next track 'Solace' was not what I was expecting. Especially after the brutal ever forward moving track that is 'Act II'. I was expecting something as heavy. What this track actually is, is an atmospheric musical interlude. Before the next track and as it plays I found myself actually enjoying it very much. The ending of which works great with the intro to the next track.

'Diablo' comes in next with a cool almost digitised sounding intro. Which leads the full band in to bring about more heavy destruction, the likes of which I was expecting in Track 2. And now everything makes sense.This track progresses to another breakdown before restoring the momentum in full force. The only time this song lets up is during the chorus and even then I’d say don’t expect any real reprieve!

'Weird' comes in next and with it a change of pace. This track opens with a more melodic sound to it all the while the vocals keep that gruff, heavy tone. The perfect build up before the song kicks in with that powerful sound, and driving tempo we’ve come to love. Then moving to another breakdown section and a cool Guitar solo which only left me wanting more.

'Lost My Limits' comes in last but by no means least. The song lunges in in similar fashion to the opening track. Fast, driving tempo and heavy tones which serves as a great way to see the EP off.

So what are my thoughts on 'Ill Minds Vol.II' by Stokie Metallers; Black Coast? Well other than my initial reaction of soiling myself, my following reaction is wow! I had a lot of fun listening to this EP. It took me back to the better side of the heavier genres that I don’t find myself listening to enough anymore.

The vocals are awesome and at times reminded me a bit of Of Mice and Men. The music sounded sometimes reminiscent of Parkway Drive as I've mentioned before. Both two bands I am pretty fond of. Having said that with the aim of being constructive, the tracks began to follow a set formula at times.

I would say try to shake things up a bit to keep fans guessing. Another thing I found myself loving were the solos, but they often ended too soon and left me wanting more. Those are my only real gripes though and definitely didn’t detract from the power of this EP. Now BRB I need to go change my underwear.

Review - Ric Snell

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