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Spotlight: 'Live At Leeds 2019' Will We See You There?

This Saturday is the Live at Leeds festival and, if you can, I think you should go.

Ask yourself this, do you enjoy music? Yes? How much better is it live? So much better! You may have looked at the line up and thought to yourself I’ve heard of very few, if any, of these bands so why bother, that’s the wrong approach!

You may be too lazy to get out and wander around the various venues? The thing is you don’t have to, it’s your choice how many venues you go to and how much effort you put in.

You may prefer to save your money to go see Radiohead the next time they tour? Or perhaps you’re waiting for Stormzy or Green Day? It doesn’t matter. How good would it have been to be able to say you saw your favourite major band or artist in a small venue with about a hundred other people before anyone knew who they were? Maybe in years to come you’ll be able to do just that.

This the opportunity Live at Leeds presents, these are nearly all new bands or bands who have yet to make it, all major acts started out somewhere, Springsteen used to play bars in New Jersey for instance.

On Saturday you have the opportunity to go to lots of different venues, all over Leeds, and see lots of different acts. You may like some of them, you may hate some of them and walk out, but you may just see the next musical love of your life. You might just see the new U2 or the new Radiohead, perhaps it’s the new Hole you want to see? Or maybe you’re into something more challenging and avant garde?

Go to Live at Leeds, support the acts trying to make it and you never know, you may just enjoy yourself, see you there I hope!?

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