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Dois Padres – 'The Grind' Album Review


1. Dirty Hands & Knees

2. 5 for 1

3. Make You My Girl

4. Iron Giant

5. Nothing's Truly Broken

6. Dracula Tea Party

7. Hard To Please

This is Dois Padres second album, no sprawling monstrosity here, just 25 minutes of Jack Daniel soaked Rock and Roll, and all fuzz no fuss. If you are a fan of Jack White, Queens of the Stone Age, The Wildhearts or The Main Grains then you are going to love this scuzzed up slice of noise. Interesting marketing strategy 'The Grind' was released on ultra rare CD, like 10 rare. You heard me, a lucky ten people have this CD, and the rest of us will have to make do with a digital version. Mind you any way you can get this music is worth it.

What I find endearing about this album is its schizophrenic feel. No two songs sound the same, opening track “Dirty Hands & Knees” with its Jack White/ QOTSA vocal approach to the bass led instrumental “Iron Giant” to the swing styled “Nothing’s Truly Broken”, there is surely something for everyone and no chance to get bored. I love the experimental approach to 'The Grind'.

Dois Padres sound like a band enjoying themselves, something that can be all too rare these days. The recording is not too polished; it’s down and dirty to suite their many musical styles. The pounding fuzzed up bass line is the glue that gels the album together and stops it being just a collection of random tunes.

And just like that it’s over, I feel like I’ve been shoved up against the wall by my lapels and had 'The Grind' pushed into my ears. Despite what it sounds like it’s kind of nice.

My only problem now is I really want one of those 10 CD copies!

Review - Andrew Forcer

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