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Stand Atlantic – The Key Club, Leeds 29.03.2019

I arrived at the venue just as the support act In Her Own Words were getting ready to take the stage.

The first thing that struck me was the sense of anticipation and excitement in the audience, everyone there was clearly really happy and excited to be there, having never seen Stand Atlantic live the vibe coming off everyone else made me feel like this could be an excellent gig.

In Her Own Words took to the stage and instantly got parts of the crowd going, they were a new band to me but a very good Punk Rock outfit. The lead singer has a charismatic stage presence and started to get some good interactions with the crowd. The music was pretty good as well, with the final song they played being the standout for me. Some of the songs felt a little bit messy but they definitely have something, they are clearly a work in progress but what they showed on the night gives my high hopes for them.

I had asked to review this gig as I’ve listened to the new Stand Atlantic album a fair bit since it came out, I was interested to see how it translated into a live show. The support got me, and everyone else in the mood and the sense of anticipation increased.

What surprised me was that the band wandered onto the stage with no fanfare, they just walked on and started the show.

What a fantastic live band they are!

Bonne Fraser is an amazing front woman but the whole band are tight and sound amazing live. The Key Club itself is a smallish, noisy venue. It was prefect for this show.

It’s a long time since I’ve been at a show where there was such a connection between the band and their fans. The almost continuous crowd surfing and the whole crowd going mental showed how much they love this band and they are right to, this was Punk Rock perfection with a melodic edge.

What impressed me most though were the slow songs, when they chose to calm the mayhem for a couple of songs the atmosphere was special. It was then it became obvious that Bonnie has a fantastic voice and her connection with the audience really kicked on. 'Toothpick' is a tremendous song which they did full justice to.

I’m not sure I can write the words to do justice to what an excellent live act Stand Atlantic are. If there are still tickets left for this tour buy them now! There is no way this first UK headline tour will be repeated in venues this small, this band are going to be selling out much, much larger venues very soon! Go buy or download the new album as well, you won’t regret it!

Review - Iain McClay

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