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Blood Youth - Mama Roux's, Birmingham 07.03.2019

Harrogate based Hardcore outfit Blood Youth have been creating quite a buzz recently, their new album ‘Starve’ dropped just a couple of weeks ago and is already proving to be a massive release for them. Tonight they rock up to Birmingham’s Mama Roux’s to treat fans to the new material.

Up step LOTUS EATER. Speaking to a friend before the show tonight, he mentioned how when he saw LOTUS EATER before it was genuinely the only time he ever felt unsafe at a gig, and I can see why when vocalist Jamie McLees steps up and says “I want to see some cunt get hurt”. These guys definitely aren’t going to be everybody’s cup of tea but damn they’re interesting to watch, they totally nail the whole intimidating vibe that they set out to achieve and it makes for a tense show.

Up next and keeping up with the intensity are Palm Reader. These guys are touring off the back of a massive release of their own. Last year’s ‘Braile’ did wonders for them, they’ve been knocking around on the underground scene for a good few years now and this album really does seem to be the next step for them. ​

Songs such as 'Swarm' and 'Internal Winter' are absolute belters, their set as a whole is packed with emotion, and the small intimate setting of Mama Roux's adds so much more to the atmosphere of the whole performance. A seriously impressive display from this lot tonight and I can't wait to see what's instore next from them.

​Last up it's the headliners Blood Youth. They come out all guns blazing to, in my opinion, the strongest song off the new record 'Spineless'. Frontman Kaya Tarsus looks riled up for this one tonight, with his piercing vocals being felt right throughout the venue in 'Cut Me Open'.​

We are then taken back to a flurry of songs from the previous record 'Beyond Repair', with 'I Remember', 'Making Wave's' and a special mention for 'Parasite' - this one hits especially hard, and this is reflected with the crowd as arguably the biggest pit of the night is in full swing. ​

Kaya takes the opportunity to get up close and personal as he hops into the middle of the crowd, and gets right in the faces of the moshing fans during 'Keep You Alive'. It really is THAT kind of show tonight, one you'd look back on in years to come, potentially when Blood Youth are a bigger band, and think to yourself 'I was there'.

The only downside tonight is that it is a relatively short set of just over 45 minutes, thankfully they make up for it with how action packed every single second is, and that doesn't change as curtain closer 'Hate' plays out.

One hell of a show from every band tonight, especially the headliners, Blood Youth. They've worked incredibly hard to get to this point and they absolutely deserve every bit of success that comes their way. Can't wait to see what's next!

Photos & Review - Sam Robinson Photography

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