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Jaret & Kelly Release Video For New Single 'Doin' Alright'

Continuing their latest musical journey together as a duo after many years as friends, Bowling For Soup frontman Jaret Reddick and the bass slingin' Dollyrot Kelly Ogden - aka Jaret & Kelly, are delighted to have released their debut album 'Sittin' In A Tree'. Their musical adventure has taken its latest twist with the second single from 'Sittin' In A Tree', the hook filled 'Doin' Alright!' Check out the animated video for the track below.

“Kelly and I spent so much time together making this album…Then it was time to make a video and we were both like, “Holy crap, I'm on tour, in the studio with my other band, and chasing children around like crazy!!! When are we going to make a video?!?!” (We literally said that exact group of words at the same time! Not really).

But yeah…Things were crazy when we finished this album to say the least, so time was an issue. So I was like, let’s animate! I went to Fiverr and found a dude. We wrote a treatment and waited! And here it is! I personally think ALL videos should be this easy and fun!”

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