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Jaret & Kelly - 'Sittin' In A Tree' Album Review


1. Here We Go

2. Doin' alright

3. Something I'm Not

4. Make Her Miserable

5. Butterflies (The Crush Song)

6. Kids Again

7. Rocket Ride

8. Yourself Again

9. Let's Just See How It Goes

10. How Did We Get Here

11. That Night

12. Daddy's Girl

13. You Win

14. Even If It Kills You

Jaret and Kelly's "Sittin' In A Tree" is a masterpiece of true Pop Punk. A collection of songs from

Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup, and Kelly Ogden from The Dollyrots. It has all the makings of

a super group. From the catchy Pop driven melodies, to the Punk Rock instrumental. The songs sound like they could be the intro to your favourite television show.

There's 14 songs that are super motivational and fun. There's also a really nice trasition between

Kelly's and Jaret's vocals. Which is awesome, and keeps you wanting more and more from them.

Starting off this collection of songs is "Here We Go" which is a straight Punk track, but it's catchy.

It has a Ramones vibe to it. Next we have "Doin' Alright" which has a hint of Rockbilly to it, Johnny Cash or Texas is honestly what comes in mind when I hear it. Already you can get excited for what the rest of album has in store. "Something I'm Not" sounds like it could be a Bowling For Soup song which isn't a bad thing, anyone who know I'm a huge BFS fan so this track rocks.

Track 4 is "Make Her Miserable" is a very sassy song that makes getting revenge great....I mean isn't it? hahahaha. Every album needs a sappy acoustic song right? Well we get that to with Butterflies (The Crush Song). The track itself is chill and relaxing but the lyrics really to hit and show how it feels to have a crush on someone. I feel like this song could be on an episode of "One Tree Hill".

Picking it up again is "Kids Again" coming back in with a Rockabilly sound and reminding me of "Social Distortion". It is a great track to come after "Butterflies". The 2 songs contrast each other perfectly, and keep this album refreshing and fun. "Rocket Ride" is very cool sounding track. It's urban and poppy, and quite frankly cool as hell. This track is probably one of my favourites. Honestly Jaret and Kelly were both on to something with this song, and I hope they make more songs like this!

"Yourself Again" comes right back in with the Punk Rock. Picks up the pace. Gets you moving after

some nice relaxing tunes. But with "Let's Just See How It Goes" it brings you right back down to chill mode. I'm really getting a Country vibe from a lot of the slower songs, but let me know what you all think.

Up next we have "How Did We Get Here" this songs gave me goosbumps listening to it. I can't put my finger on it but something about it just hit me, maybe cause of my own relationship going on 5 years but it was a nice feeling. "That Night" is another awesome funky song! This song makes me wanna dance, sing, and just overall have a good time. Really captures the late 70's early 80's while adding in their own style.

"Daddy's Girl" has a Country vibe to it. It's almost a homage to a child or could also be for someones father, overall great song and it's easy listening. "You Win" is another groovy song switching it up and keeping it fresh. It's fun and the bass just rides this song, and let's also take a second to mention that cool arcade sound in the song. Ending this awesome collection of songs is "Even If It Kills You" which is bringing back the Punk but also adding the Country/Rockabilly vibe to the chorus'. Honestly a great song to end with.

Jaret & Kelly's "Sittin' In A Tree" is really a super awesome and fun collection of songs. I'm honoured to have gotten to review this. I highly recommend that everyone stops what they're doing and go listen to "Sittin' In A Tree".

Review - Andre Judge

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