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Ginger Wildheart – 'The Pessimist’s Companion' Album Review


1. May The Restless Find Peace

2. Why Aye (Oh You)

3. I Love You So Much I'm Leaving

4. You Will Let Me Down Again

5. A Better Love

6. The Pessimist's Companion

7. Barbed Wire & Roses

8. Sweet Wanderlust

9. In Reverse

10. There Is A House

With someone as prolific for new releases as Ginger Wildheart, you’d be forgiven to expect a drop in quality at one point or another. 'The Pessimist’s Companion' is not that release. Written as a follow up to the honest and personal 'Ghost In The Tanglewood', this album continues on the topic of depression, suicide and Ginger’s personal struggles, making it another very emotional collection of brutally honest songs.

Somehow, Ginger manages to put in to words exactly what some people are feeling during their own struggles through his music, and creates a soundtrack to recovery.

In a few of the tracks on this album, 'Why Aye (Oh You)', 'You Will Let Me Down Again' and 'I Love You So Much I’m Leaving', Ginger picks through the remains of past relationships and his own flaws, in his typically honest way. He’s never been one to shy away from opening up through his music, and this is exactly that. As with Ghost… Ginger uses his music as his therapy, and in baring his soul he has produced one of the most honest and emotional albums I’ve ever heard.

It’s a heavy journey to take, but it is absolutely worth it.

Review - Vikki Holding

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