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The XCERTS – 'Wildheart Dreaming' EP Review


1. You Mean Everything

2. Ready To Call

3. Fight Or Run

4. Real Love

The XCERTS are a band I knew nothing about until I listened to this EP.

I was hooked from the off, 'You Mean Everything' is a great opening track, it has an almost 80’s vibe to it but in a good way. This is a band with a great lead singer and a great sound.

'Ready To Call' continues the quality, if you like a slightly rockier edge to your music then you need to listen to this EP. This band should become big and it should happen quickly!

I started to play spot the influences, I couldn’t decide, there seems to be a sort of mix of eighties Rock and 90’s Indie going on with an ear for melody, hooks and chorus that will translate into lots of people singing the chorus back to them in a stadium gig.

'Fight Or Run' just confirmed, this is a quality Rock band with a strong line in catchy songs that could become hits very easily.

'Real Love' started and I instantly thought Biffy Clyro, the voice is different obviously and this is gentler than most Biffy songs but there is potential here, lots of it! This song feels real, this is someone who knows something great has gone and its not the other persons fault.

The XCERTS write quality songs, the playing and singing are excellent. There is something really enjoyable about this EP.

Give it a go!

Review - Iain McClay

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