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Our Nameless Boy - 'Tomorrow I'll Be Scared Again' EP Review


1. Waste Away

2. Once An Island

3. All It Is

4. Nothing...My Mind

5. Nover

Heavy music. It's easy to write, but difficult to write with originality. Most new Rock bands fall into tried and tested verse-chorus patterns with a solo thrown in towards the end. Thankfully, Our Nameless Boy are not one of those bands. Clearly, they know how to write a standard four minute radio-friendly Rock song, but fortunately they choose so adeptly not to.

Mixing urgency with a sense of importance, their songwriting is lean, no part of any song feels like filler. Every part, every bar has a place and serves to make the song come alive.

After a few listens, and once you're up to speed with the pace the band are taking you, it becomes obvious that not only is this a band who are trying to be creative and innovative with their songwriting and arrangement, but it's one acutely aware of the power of textural and tonal changes in songs. This is most ably demonstrated on the second track 'Once An Island'. Their switching between sounds emphasises and narrative of the song. It's almost as if they studied the Pixies, saw their dark/light sound and wondered how that would sound under a ton of grit and distortion. The answer is - it sounds good!

It's a cliche I'll admit, but the only negative is that the EP is only 5 tracks.

Standout track - Hard to choose just one. Nover.

Review - Adam Harrison

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