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PKEW PKEW PKEW - 'Optimal Lifestyles' Album Review


1. Still Hanging Out After All These Years

2. I Don't Matter At All

3. Point Break

4. Drinking Days

5. 65 Nickels

6. The Polynesian

7. Skate

8. Passed Out

9. Not Getting Through To You

10. Mt. Alb

11. The Pit

12. Everything's The Same

13. I Wanna See A Wolf

14. Adult Party

15. Thirsty and Humble

As frantic and punchy as a Mike Tyson fight on fast forward, PKEW PKEW PKEW leave no bullets in the chamber on their new album ‘Optimal Lifestyles’. The Toronto natives fill 36 minutes with fast and furious Pop Punk. With a sound to me that is reminiscent of Reel Big Fish, these guys wouldn’t sound out of place on an American Pie Soundtrack. Standout tracks upon the first few initial listens are ’65 Nickels’ and ‘The Polynesian’ but as a whole the album packs a poppy and punky uppercut to the gut. Sharp and well put together guitar riffs and Tre Cool-esque skin smashing add to the overall value of the album and band. Pkew Pkew Pkew can only grow stronger from here.

Listen to.

  • 'Still Hanging Out After All These Years' (4/5) – Fast and spunky opener, telling stories of getting inebriated with friends. What’s not to love?

  • 'I Don't Matter At All' – (3/5) Self indulgent number with a catchy riff woven in the middle. “Every now and then they get reminded they don’t matter at all”. I think they do, now is the time for change.

  • '65 Nickels' – (4/5) – low on cash, high on everything else. Purely belter.

  • 'The Polynesian' – (4/5) – Tale of a hotel stay following a long drive, meeting a lady for a drink and waterslides. Fast, melodic, catchy, it will stick in your head for days.

  • 'Passed Out' (4/5) – Destroy your beers ‘til there’s no beers at all. Sounds like an ideal day. Definitely noticing a theme on this album. Sobriety is not it.

Honourable Mentions: 'Not Getting Through To You' / 'Point Break / 'I Wanna See A Wolf'.

If you have enjoyed previous outings from PKEW PKEW PKEW, I can only think that this album will be a worthy addition to your collection. Give it a listen! ‘Optimal Lifestyles’ is out March 1st.

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Review - Dave Slater

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