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Potty Mouth - 'SNAFU' Album Review


1. Do It Again


3. Starry Eyes

4. Liar

5. Fencewalker

6. Massachusetts

7. Plastic Paradise

8. Smash Hit

9. Dog Song

10. Bottom Feeder

Potty Mouth have released their new album “SNAFU”, the follow up to their 2013 debut “Hell Bent”. Originally from Massachusetts, the band moved to LA and spent the last few years working on the album whilst maintaining creative control. Something they’ve done knowing that it would delay the release of the album but also that it was, ultimately, the right decision. And listening to the album, it has paid dividends. You get the feeling that if they’d allowed themselves to be pushed into the whole Garage Rock thing, this album wouldn’t have the variety and richness that it does.

The album opens with power chords and drums announcing “Do It Again” which is pure Garage Rock and packed with the dilemma of being friends or friends with benefits. It’s apparent from the first chorus that Abby Weems has a great voice and the harmonies gel perfectly, while the music is tight as a drum – Victoria Mandanas dropping in fantastic drum fills in between driving the songs alongside the bass of Ally Einbinder. The press release refers to influences such as Garbage, Hole and Veruca Salt and you can hear them, but there are also nods to Blondie on “Liar” and the ‘California Cool’ of The Byrds, especially on tracks like “Starry Eyes” which is single ready and deserves get picked up by radio. “Fencewalker” (co-written with Gina Schock of The Go-Go’s) is another ready to go single, although weirdly it reminds me more of Donna Matthews than Jane Weidlin.

The whole album is 31 minutes of great music, which throws in reminders of bands past (as Weems acknowledges, you can loosely link each song to a particular band’s sound) without slavishly mimicking, and they’ve been clever with their influences. There’s no aural equivalent of a big pointy sign, more a fleeting reminder before you’re back in the moment of the song. This is an album by a band who believe in themselves and trust their instincts and I have to say, so far they’ve been right to do so.

Review - Chris Watson

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