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Savage After Midnight - '11.59' EP Review


1. Unleash

2. 10 Feet Tall

3. Heartless Machine

4. King

5. Overrated

Heavy, gracious rythmic Rock with a seasoning of Electronica is one way to sum up Savage After Midnight's EP. Its 5 tracks of crowd participation glory that hit you again and again. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Savage After Midnight show their energy and rage in each song with hard guitar lines and almost Pop like vocals interspersed with emotive screams we are accustomed too that show a real control and know how, making each song a pleasure to listen too. 'Unleash' sets you in the mood for what the band are trying to accomplish, letting you into a world of angst and self destruction underlined with an electronic sample that meshes wonderfully and will become familiar territory. Tracks such as 'Heartless Machine' a powerhouse dark Heavy Rock track and 'Overrated' bellow at you smoothly with anthemic qualities. Especially liked the clapping breakdown on 'Overrated' putting you in that crowd and getting ready to try and match the vocalists pin point harmonies and variations that they possess. Their current single '10 Feet Tall' shows you the same affection and shows what the band are about structurally. From the catchy Pop esk vocal melodies, hard gruff guitar hooks and sing along chorus, it's an easy listen and ensnares you. 'King' was a track in particular I kept pressing repeat on and where as the same formula is in place, it still creates the atmosphere of almost gleeful sorrow. Again the vocals are a high, mixing soft and hard in the right places, 'King' puts you in no doubt this band can write catchy choruses. If your're a fan of 'Bring Me The Horizon' and '30 Seconds To Mars' then these guys might be just what your craving. A solid and professional EP that will have you turning that volume well and truly UP.

Review - Olly Dean

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