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Queen Zee - 'Queen Zee' Album Review


1. Loner

2. Lucy Fur

3. Sissy Fists

4. Idle Crown

5. Porno

6. Victim Age

7. Boy

8. Hunger Pains

9. Anxiety

10. I Hate Your New Boyfriend

Starting with the opening bars of 'Loner' and continuing throughout the majority of the album, the influence of early 70s New York Proto-Punk has had on Queen Zee is very evident. However, this is far from the only sound on an album which at times creeps towards Grunge, Industrial sounds, Gothic Cure-esque and more straightforward anthemic Rock while managing to always sound original, and unmistakably Queen Zee. Which is no mean feat these days when there are more and more interchangeable guitar bands out there!

Much of the album is played with an urgency and importance which is impossible to ignore. When they do occasionally slow things down, the intensity of the music and message doesn't drop. They just swap ferocity for subtle brooding menace.

The honesty which runs through the songs shows a band clearly believing the music they are making and enjoying making it. The record feels hard crafted and honed on the road rather than in the studio and cutting room, which brings an energy to proceedings.

The inclusion of 'Anxiety' (ironically the lightest moment on the record) is a welcome counterpoint to the heaviness and darkness of the rest of the album and hints at another direction which the band will hopefully explore in future.

This is a band and a record with things to say, and the confidence to say them. All they need now are the listeners which the songs and the band clearly deserve.

Review - Adam Harrison

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