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Escape The Fate - Rock City, Nottingham 26.01.2019

Well that was fantastic. Escape The Fate were on fire. However lets take it back a bit.

Saturday the 26th January 2019 at Rock City in Nottingham saw Escape the Fate, Slaves and The World Over take to the stage at this iconic venue.

The first band The World Over all met whilst attending L.A. Music Academy. Comprising of guitarist Ryan Knecht, bassist Juan Arguello, drummer Alejandro Mercado and vocals coming from Tiaday Ball. However on the night only 3 members took to the stage with the bassist not being on view.

These guys certainly made some noise and the vocals from Tiaday were a great mix of clean and heavy. I personally thought she carried the heavier vocals better then the clean but was certainly impressive and the guitar and drums were on point. The crowd however were very subdued and even with all the energy on stage and Tiaday coming to the barrier and trying to get the crowd involved the atmosphere was a bit flat. The band did everything right and were tight all through their set with some interesting songs and are well worth checking out. Just a shame the crowd didn’t really get behind them.

The second band Slaves took to the stage however the singer Jonny Craig had been removed from the band two days before because of addiction problems and this meant that Matt McAndrew a friend of the band joins them for the UK and European dates.

Matt did a tremendous job under the circumstances and should be very pleased with his nights work and I’m sure he’ll do a great job over the coming days. The crowd had a contingent of Slaves fans amongst it and they were great, shouting encouragement and helping to sing the songs which didn’t go unnoticed by the guys on stage and was acknowledged and thanked. The songs were delivered faultlessly and I’m sure they have recruited a few more fans by the end of their set.

The main act of the evening.

Well, what can I say. A masterclass in headlining a Rock show, if there ever was one. The evening and tour is to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the ‘This War Is Ours’ album. The whole album was played and delivered brilliantly. From the moment the first song started the previously quiet crowd woke up and started to show their voices. The energy on stage was amazing the whole band were on top form.

Kevin " Thrasher " was running and jumping all over the stage like a man possessed and never missed a note. TJ ‘s vocals were impressive and combined brilliantly with Craig. The guitar spins from TJ were something to behold and I’m gutted I never managed to catch one in progress with my camera. Craig’s vocals were flawless and when not singing you could tell he was enjoying the experience with the massive smile on his face. Rob at the back on the drums was on fine form too, as was Eric on bass who also contributed to the backing vocals.

Highlights of the play through of the album for me were ‘Ashley’, ‘The Flood’, ‘This War Is Ours’ and ‘10 Miles Wide’ although it really was difficult to choose any favourites as the whole album was played impressively. The crowd played their part finally and sang and danced and created an impressive circle pit for ‘This War Is Ours’. Craig and TJ had turns at the barrier interacting with the crowd and TJ at one point even managed to be carried by the crowd standing up whilst still playing guitar. Impressive and fun to watch.

After the play through the band left the stage and after a short time the band came back to do an encore which included 6 more songs. These included ‘Do You Love me’, ‘I Am Human’ and ‘Broken Heart’ all new tracks of the latest album called ‘I Am Human’.

The crowd when it woke up was great, ironically the crowd which was not to full capacity actually made more noise than some gigs I’ve been to which have sold out, who would have thought that would happen after the first couple of bands.

Overall an awesome night and if you get chance go check Escape The Fate out they certainly know how to put on a great show.

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