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Rites Of Haḍḍā – 'Witchpunk' EP Review


1. From the Blow

2. Raven

3. Keep Buying Things

4. Queen Wasp

5. Drag Me From The Lake

6. The Revolution And My Love

7. Path Of Orchids

This is my first experience of the WitchPunk genre. It reminded me of a mixture of original Punk, early Joy Division and, at times, The Fall.

It's perfect music to jump and down to at times but I feel they are searching for ways for their music to be more profound. There is a real sense of alienation and separation from society but that’s what Punk and bands like Joy Division were all about. What I need to be convinced about is whether they are saying anything new. Songs about consumerism, for example, have been done before (and seem to have no impact).

Can Rites Of Haḍḍā have an impact?

They are clearly giving it their all and I can admire the quality of their work, however I remain to be convinced. It all feels a little bit derivative to me.

I will listen out for them to see where they take their music, there are a few songs that feel like they have a bit more about them, the potential is in here for something intriguing and challenging to emerge.

I really hope it does.

Review - Iain McClay

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